Adolescents and the New Media Environment

Today’s society is characterized by sophisticated information technology and communication. Communication through media, especially the electronic media, has become the main link in a world of fast innovation changes. The contemporary media has gained a manifold role: to inform the young audience, to educate them about the meaning and importance of facts, and create new values. Only those young people who critically approach information will be able to experience intrapersonal metamorphosis which connects members of different cultures and participates in fostering of desirable values and orientations. Aiming at flexible forms of learning and learning how to learn will enable a humane enrichment through diversity. The new media are today inseparable from upbringing and education, and have an important role in the presentation and exchange of information on local and global levels. Our study includes a short empirical research conducted on a sample of adolescents from various high schools. The methods of gaining information on the lifestyles of children and adolescents in different countries and cultures, and their impact on the young audience were examined. In addition, the opinion of the adolescents on the differences and similarities between various cultures was questioned.